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run after him and say, “I've been there too; I know what it is.” But he was younger than Sheldon and diffident; he felt that it might be fresh to do that.

He knew that Sheldon was thinking himself exactly what Charles had thought him, and that he was unhappy about it and disheartened. Somehow, having been so close to him in the moment when he had revealed the feeling depressed Edward. He had liked Sheldon from the first, and in spite of all the boy’s defects as a captain had grown to like him more and more.

When Edward rejoined his father and mother, he was rather subdued; they attributed it to the fact that the Corinthian crew had done better than the Pythians.

At the end of the exhibition Mr. Barclay made a little speech and awarded the medals to the prize-winners; when he called out. “Ladder Climbing, won by T. P. Sheldon,” there was a faint whisper of laughter which was not quite extinguished by the applause. Edward was sorry again for Sheldon and angry