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at those who laughed; it was bad enough to win a prize when no one else had contested for it; to have the award received with even the least mocking laughter was too much.

“Just the same,” Edward said to Keating and Lawrence, “it was sandy of Sheldon to go into that thing all by himself. It took nerve.”

“Um,” said Lawrence. “Don’t see why he didn’t do better, though.”

Even on the next day, Easter Sunday, Edward’s pleasure was clouded. He had brought Sheldon up to his father and mother, and Mr. Crashaw had congratulated the boy on his athletic prowess.

Sheldon, without meaning to be ungracious, said, “Oh, I don’t deserve to be congratulated on that, Mr. Crashaw. Anybody can win an event if he’s the only one in it.”

“But I was thinking of the showing you made in so many events—your versatility,” said Mr. Crashaw.

Sheldon could find no answer except a doleful smile. Afterwards when he saw Edward alone for a moment he said to him, “I guess