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But Edward had now had his first experience of rowing on the pond and was enjoying it; and he knew that his chances of being chosen on the School crew were good. So he had not been moved by Payne’s appeal, and the captain had departed gloomily.

It was just after the last recitation of the morning, and Edward still lingered on the Study steps, taking long breaths and exulting in the freshness of the wind and sun.

This was the first morning in which there had been the premonitory warmth and softness of summer; the birds were singing gayly from the rectory hedge, the sunlight illuminated the heart of every young-leaved tree, flooded through elm and maple, tinting the green with gold, and swept, chasing the shadow of a cloud, over the chapel lawn.

Edward was thinking how fine it would be that afternoon to be rowing bare-armed on the pond, to be feeling for the first time warm without a sweater and strong with all the freedom of naked muscles;—he drew in another deep breath; and just at that moment