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Lawrence came up to him with a portentous face.

“Well, is n’t it fierce?” said Lawrence.

“What?” asked Edward.

“Have n’t you heard? Sheldon has to leave school.”

“What do you mean?”

“He flunked his exams; they told him this morning.”

“They’ve fired him!” Edward exclaimed, aghast.

“No, not that exactly. The Rector said that he was n’t up to doing Sixth Form work, and that if he really wanted to enter college next fall, he would have to leave school and tutor. So he’s going to-morrow.”

“Who told you all this?”

“Joe Davis, on your crew. He wanted me to tell you there would n’t be any rowing to-day—and then he told me why.”

“It’s tough!” said Edward. “Poor old Sheldon!”

“He’s all broken up about it, Davis says.”