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conceived the idea of uniforming his crew for this occasion.

A perquisite of membership in the crew was a white flannel coat, with S.T.S. worked in a red monogram on the breast-pocket; no one had ever discovered any special usefulness for this garment except to be photographed in it. Durant, however, suggested that they invade St. John’s wearing these coats and white flannel trousers to match; also red sashes and red neckties. The idea appealed to the crew; and when on that morning they emerged in their dazzling raiment, they excited immense enthusiasm.

Wallace, who was to conduct the somewhat uncertain brass band, rushed up to them.

“You fellows must head the procession,” he exclaimed. “We’re not going to drive from the station all the way to the St. John’s field; we’re going to leave the barges at the big gate and march round their buildings and down to the field. You fellows must head the procession.”

“Just behind the band?” said Durant.