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And Wallace laughed and answered, “Oh, of course, just behind the band.”

They could not help admiring themselves and each other, and during the journey in the train Edward was mainly occupied in preserving the crease in his trousers and the unwrinkled spotlessness of his coat.

They lunched at a railway restaurant on sandwiches, pies, doughnuts, and bananas. Durant was a good deal disturbed about the possible consequences of such a diet, but as he found there was nothing else to eat, he overcame his scruples and indulged himself as freely as his men.

At the railway station where they left the train there were a number of big wagons and barges waiting for them,—one decorated with red and white bunting. That was for the nine, and all the other boys stood round and watched the nine climb in.

Edward gave a farewell squeeze to Keating’s hand.

“Swat the ball a good one for me, Keat,” he said.