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Crowell dashed across the plate, and St. Timothy’s gazed at capering St. John’s in dumb resentment. The next batter struck out, the next went out on a fly, and the St. Timothy’s nine came in for their last effort.

Warren stepped up to the bat.

“All the weak hitters,” groaned Lawrence to Edward. “If it was only Blanchard and Payne and that bunch!”

“Warren sometimes hits the hall,” said Edward.

This was the occasion. Warren made a clean single to left field. Durant was leading a nine times nine cheer to put heart into Stearns, the next batter, when Jim Payne came rushing up, seized Edward by the arm, and dragged him over to the crew captain.

“I want Edward to bat for Keating this inning,” Payne cried. “You’ve got to let him, Harry!”

“Don’t be foolish, Jim,” Durant answered, and Edward laughed at the absurd thought.

“I mean it; I have n’t time to argue with you.” Payne spoke warmly. “Strike one!”