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called the umpire; Stearns was at the bat. “There! If Stearns strikes out! He’s got to advance Warren to second! After him there are only Slade and Keating. We’ve got to have Edward in to hit the ball; it’s our only chance.”

“He has n’t been practising, he might get hurt,” cried Durant. Three times three, fellows; everybody cheer!”

“He’ll have to take a chance,” Payne shrieked in Durant’s ear, while Durant was waving his arms. “You’ve got to run the risk. If Stearns and Slade both go out, he’s our only chance.”

At that moment Stearns struck out, and there was a roar from St. John’s.

Durant turned to Edward. “Do you want to do it?” he asked.

Edward’s hands were cold. “Yes,” he said. “I’d like to try.”

“Durant hesitated. Strike one!” called the umpire; Slade was at the bat.

“Go ahead then,” said Durant.