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he added, “some one would lead a cheer for Keating.”

“Which one was he—the fellow on first base?”

“Yes. He saved the game once for us, with that one-hand catch and double play. I’m afraid that just because I took his place at the bat and had the luck to win the game, every one will forget what Keat did.”

“You can’t help that,” said Charles. “You’re the hero of the occasion, and you can’t run away from it.”

“But I hope they’ll give Keat a cheer,” Edward repeated. “I know he was disappointed when they put me in to bat for him. And he might have done just as much as I did.”

“Yes, he might.” Charles smiled. “But I guess your captain showed good judgment, Ned. To think that you should ever have believed you were a quitter!”

To Edward that exclamation was the best tribute of all. He was silent a moment, and then he said,—