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“It seems as if I could never feel quite so happy as I do now; it makes me almost sad. And is n’t it absurd to be so well pleased with things—just because I belted a ball good and hard!”

“Ah well, there’s more than that to it,” said Charles.

The barge came rattling up the avenue, and when the boys in it saw Edward standing with his brother behind the big elm, they raised a great shout.

The driver reined in his horses; Jim Payne from the driver’s seat cried, “You’ve got to ride with the nine now, Edward;” Keating and Warren jumped out and seized him.

“Just a moment,” Edward said. He grasped his brother’s hand. “I’ll see you next week, Charley.”

“I will meet you at Philippi,” Charles replied.

Edward was dragged into the barge, which swung then round the building and down toward the big quadrangle gate, where now the St. Timothy’s crowd was massed. There