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“Thank you,” said Durant. “I hope Crashaw’s all right?”

There was no answer to that question, for just then the launch came up, and the oarsmen got out on the float and lifted their shells from the water. Edward saw his brother wrapped in a blanket leaning against Sheldon’s shoulder, looking very white; but it was enough for Edward that he was sitting up, and smiling, even though so sadly.

Edward and Sheldon helped him to walk across the float into the boat-house; Edward felt almost ashamed of the healthy rugged brownness of his skin beside the grayish pallor of Charles’s face.

In a corner of the house Charles lay down.

“I’m getting better,” he said. “I’ll be all right in a little while. Go off and get dressed, everybody; please don’t bother with me.”

They saw that he meant it; Edward knew that for the time being Charles did not want even him around. So he drew Sheldon aside and said,—

“Tom, would you mind hunting up my