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"If you had n’t when you did, there are two or three of us who’d have dropped a moment later,” said Braddock. “No use talking, Charley; we were up against a wonderful rough-weather crew—well,”—he glanced humorously at Durant,—“let’s just say, a wonderful crew.”

Then others cut in and began to talk about the race—how under the circumstances it was n’t possible for St. John’s to have rowed otherwise than as they did; how they could never have overtaken St. Timothy’s if they had allowed them to win a great lead at the start, and so on.

Charles muttered to Edward, “They’re just trying to make it easy for me;” and Edward remembered the football game of the autumn and how after it he had had that thought.

“What happened to you anyhow?” Edward asked. “I thought before the race you looked over-trained.”

“I suppose I was a little. I was just trying to keep up with you fellows, and it came