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his clothes. If you stand square in the baseline, of course I’ll run into you.”

“Don’t be fresh,” Durant admonished him.

Edward paid no attention to that, but shouted down to Avery, who was the next batter: “Pitcher’s easy, Avery; you can hit it.”

Avery made a good sacrifice and Edward reached third, and on another sacrifice by Hunter he scored. The Fourth Form were plucking up courage, and were cheering bravely, but that was the only run they made until the fifth inning; and meanwhile the Sixth Form had scored four more.

In the fifth inning, Keating, who had been playing a fine game in the field in spite of the disadvantages of his position, but who had been unable to hit the ball, was first at bat.

“One man gone already,” cried the first-base mob.

But Keating waited patiently and fouled all the good balls and finally was given his base.

Edward went down to coach him. “Take a good lead, Keat; take a good lead.”