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Lawrence came to the bat.

“Pitcher’s easy, Laurie; hope he improves before the St. John’s game next spring.”

Even the Sixth Form laughed at that, and Bell waved at Edward an indulgent hand. But he was getting careless, and pretty soon he tossed Lawrence an easy one, and Lawrence hit it smartly into left field. Keating was on second base, Lawrence on first, no one was out; and the Fourth Form were beginning to shout vociferously. Dunbar came to the bat.

Just as the ball was pitched, there was a flash from some one in the crowd near the batter and Dunbar stepped back helplessly from the plate.

“Strike!” called the umpire.

Edward from the coaching-line had seen the flash and the instant bewildered look on Dunbar’s face. He walked towards the batter, calling, “Wait till you get a good one, pick out the good one;” and then suddenly, just as Bell was delivering the ball, he made a dive and a grab and wrenched a pocket-mirror out of a big Sixth Former’s hand.