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“I suppose it’s none of my business, Guy,” he began, “but it seems to me we’d stand a better chance if we played together in the line-up from now on just as we’ll play against St. John’s.”

“I have n’t been varying the line-up much,” Blanchard replied. “Only at left tackle, where Wallace and Crashaw have been alternating.”

“That’s just the place. If you pick your man now and keep him there right along, he’ll settle down to the position and play it better in the game.”

“I picked the man to-day.”

“I hope it’s Wallace.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you. It’s Crashaw.”

Durant’s face became glum. “I don't quite see why. Wallace is older, he’s had more experience; I’ve played against them both. This is Wallace’s last year, and I think he has a right to feel that he’s earned his chance.”

“Crashaw has football blood in him, and Wallace has n’t. But Wallace will probably