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get a chance in the game, because Crashaw's young and may not have the endurance."

Durant walked away in angry silence.

"Great Scott!" exclaimed Blanchard later, after telling Jim Payne about it. "Would n't I lean over backwards to give the preference to Durant's friend rather than to mine, if I could! I know he feels sore about not being captain; I think he might be generous enough to feel that I'd be generous. Anybody with half an eye can tell that Crashaw has Wallace beaten."

The next day Wallace, dropped to the second eleven, seemed to be displaying unwonted aggressiveness. He was pitted against Durant; twice when Edward took the ball and tried to rush through the hole that Durant was expected to open for him, Wallace tackled him for a loss.

After the second failure Blanchard went up to Durant and said quietly,—

"Harry, are you playing this game quite straight? You would n't let St. John's through you that way."