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Durant flushed and looked sullen.

“Well, put Wallace against Crashaw if you don’t like the way I’m handling him,” he said.

“I can’t do that. Wallace needs practice in the position of left tackle, since he’s going to substitute for that. He can’t shift now and play right tackle.”

“Just the same, if you put him opposite Crashaw you’d soon find who was the better man.”

Blanchard turned away without replying.

Wallace himself, after the first disappointment, took the captain’s decision in a better spirit than that shown by his too loyal friend. He said one day to Edward, jokingly,—

“If you’ll kindly break an arm or a leg during the game, Crashaw, I’ll be much obliged.”

Edward laughed. “I hope they won’t want to pull me out for any other reason,” he answered.

Charles Crashaw wrote a facetious letter to Edward, saying that he appreciated St. Timothy’s effort to propitiate St. John’s by