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The Socialist party ought not of course to be a confused echo of discordant interests: it must not allow its thought to be troubled or distorted by the chaos of present conditions. It ought to submit a definite platform for the consideration of the people, a definite method of evolving toward a perfectly clear end. But this plan of action must take into full consideration the diversity of elements to be dealt with, their passions, interests, and prejudices. These are Liebknecht's exact words:

“Important as it is to give the freest possible play to all the different groups of interests so that they may be able to express their ideas and their needs, and to allow the people to collaborate in legislation as fully as possible, it would be folly to abandon all legislation to the initiative of the people, folly from the point of view of the government and from that of Socialism as well.

“Socialism should have a definite, easily understood platform, which it should submit to the