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Studies in Socialism

representatives of the people, and the different representatives of the interests involved.

"Social Democracy differs from all other parties in this, that its activity is not limited to certain aspects of the life of the State and social life, but that it embraces all aspects equally and tries to bring about order, peace, and harmony by reconciling the antagonistic forces in the State and in society.

"It is not the party of the great landed proprietors and the feudal interests, and, therefore, it is not, like the Conservative party, constrained to serve the interests of the great and small landowners. It is not the party of the different branches of the bourgeoisie and consequently it is not, like the National Liberals and the Progressives, bound to serve the particular interests and cater to the love of power of the bourgeoisie.

"It is not the party of the priest caste, and it is not therefore bound to further the interests and cater to the love of power of the priest caste, as in the Catholic Centre and the Protestant faction of Social Christianity à la Stocker.

"It is the party of all the people with the exception of two hundred thousand great proprietors, small proprietors, bourgeois, and priests.

"It ought, then, to turn toward the people, and as soon as the occasion arises, by practical proposals and projects of legislation of general interest, to give positive proof that the good of the people is its only aim, the will of the people its only rule.