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The Necessity for a Majority

portional representation should be instituted. This is also the opinion of Citizen Guesde. But to ask for minority representation is to ask that each force, each tendency in the country should constantly make public its exact numerical strength. It is to wish that the share of electoral and parliamentary influence of each party should be exactly calculated on its actual strength in the country. It is, then, to proclaim all legislation arbitrary that does not emanate from the true majority.


According to the admission of every section of the party, then, the Socialist Revolution will be brought about by the will of all, the power of a majority. The partisans of a general strike are the only ones to maintain that the action of the industrial proletariat, or even the most active and self-conscious part of that proletariat, unsupported by other sections of the community, would be enough to determine the advent of Communism, the Social Revolution.

    tions which ensure the representation of minorities in proportion to their voting strength. See La Représentation Proportionelle: La Chesnais.