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  1. Economics.

  2. Hadley's Economics.
  3. An Account of the Relations between Private Property and Public Welfare. By Arthur Twining Hadley, Professor of Political Economy, in Yale University. 8°, $2.50 net.
  4. The work is now used in classes in Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Amherst, Dartmouth, Bowdoin, Vanderbilt, Bucknell, Bates, Leland Stanford, University of Oregon, University of California, etc.
    "The author has done his work splendidly. He is clear, precise, and thorough.… No other book has given an equally compact and intelligent interpretation."—American Journal of Sociology.
    The Bargain Theory of Wages.
  6. By John Davidson, M.A., D Phil. (Edin.), Professor of Political Economy in the University of New Brunswick. 12mo, $1.50.
  7. A Critical Development from the Historic Theories, together with an examination of Certain Wages Factors: the Mobility of Labor, Trades Unionism, and the Methods of Industrial Remuneration.
    "This able volume is the most satisfactory work on Distribution that has yet appeared. Prof. Davidson's theory appeals to our common sense as in harmony with actual conditions, and he has worked it out with convincing logic in accordance with the principles of economic science. We recommend it all students of economics as the most important contribution to the science of Political Economy that has recently appeared."—Interior.
  9. A Treatise. By John Bascom, author of "Æsthetics," "Comparative Psychology," etc. 12°, $1.50.
  10. "Gives a wholesome and inspiring word on all the living social questions of the day; and its suggestions as to how the social life of man may be made purer and truer are rich with the finer wisdom of the time. The author is always liberal in spirit, generous in his sympathies, and wise in his knowledge,"—Critic.
    A General Freight and Passenger Post.
  12. A Practical Solution of the Railroad Problem. By James L. Cowles. Third revised edition, with additional material. 12°, cloth, $1.25; paper, 50 cts.
  13. "The book gives the best account which has thus far been given in English of the movement for a reform in our freight and passenger-tariff policy, and the best arguments in favor of such reform,"—Edmund J. James, in the Annals of Political and Social Science.
    "The book treats in a very interesting and somewhat novel way of an extremely difficult subject and is well worth careful reading by all students of the transportation question."—From letter of Edw. A. Moseley, Secretary of the Interstate Commerce Commission, Washington, D.C.


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