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Factories, and Workshops


Industry Combined with Agriculture, and Brain Work with Manual Work


New Edition, 16° 90 cents net

"Prince Kropotkin possesses the general scientific temper.… He seems to have been everywhere and to have read everything so that his observations have certainly been widely extended.… A book that should set people thinking and should lead them to try by practical experience to lessen soma of the acknowledged evils of the present system."—The Times, London.

"Our readers are recommended to read carefully Kropotkin's survey of manufacturing progress in foreign countries.… This is clear and concise and presents just the kind of summary required by those who, without time for intricate details, must rest content with a general statement of the world's industrial movement. Particularly interesting is the description of the wonderful advance now being made in agricultural methods.… The book is a most valuable contribution to the discussion of a problem of national and of world-wide importance."—The Daily News, London.

"A book which is an admirable example of its author's lucidity of style and of his capacity for making vital with human interest dry statistical and industrial facts.… A work that presents a new outlook in social economics and is at the same time most forcible in its demonstration of fact."—London Westminster Gazette.


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