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A History of Modern Banks of Issue

With an Account of the Economic Crises of the Present Century. Fifth Impression, 8°. $3.00.

"No better volume can be recommended to the general reader who wishes to familiarize himself not only with the theory of banking, but with the history and actual experience of this great agency of industrial progress."—Chicago Evening Post.

"We can only express our hearty appreciation of the book as a whole. It is extremely interesting. It cannot but be useful, and to us it is very cheering. Mr. Conant's book, from beginning to end, is a proof that sound currency is evolved necessarily from the progress of an industrial and commercial people,"—N. Y. Times.

Wall Street and the Country

A Study of Recent Financial Tendencies. 8°. Net, $1.25. (By mail, $1.35.)

"The author shows a comprehensive grasp of economic and financial problems, and the capacity for a clearness of statement.… His book should be in the hands of all who are interested in the important subjects discussed."—Wall Street journal.

"Charles A. Conant is an able apologist for the functions and the methods of Wall Street. The book is most intelligent and full of pertinent information."—Indianapolis News.




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