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place of God; your presbyters in the place of the council of the Apostles; and your deacons most dear to me, being entrusted with the ministry of Jesus Christ; who was the Father before all ages, and appeared in the end to us.

6 Wherefore taking the same holy course, see that ye all reverence one another, and let no one look upon his neighbour after the flesh; but do ye all mutually love each other in Jesus Christ.

7 Let there be nothing that may be able to make a division among you; but be ye united to your bishop, and those who preside over you, to be your pattern and direction in the way to immortality.

8 As therefore the Lord did nothing without the Father, being united to him; neither by himself nor yet by his Apostles, so neither do ye do anything without your bishop and presbyters:

9 Neither endeavour to let anything appear rational to yourselves apart;

10 But being come together into the same place, have one common prayer; one supplication; one mind; one hope; one in charity, and in joy undefiled.

11 There is one Lord Jesus Christ, than whom nothing is better. Wherefore come ye all together, as unto one temple of God; as to one altar; as to one: Jesus Christ, who proceeded from one Father, and exists in one; and is returned to one.


1 He cautions them against false opinions. 3 Especially those of Ebion and the Judaising Christians.

BE not deceived with strange doctrines; nor with old fables which are unprofitable. For if westill continue to live according to the Jewish law, we do confess ourselves not to have received grace. For even the most holy prophets lived according to Christ Jesus.

2 And for this cause were they persecuted, being inspired by his grace to convince the unbelievers and disobedient that there is one God who has manifested himself by Jesus Christ his Son; who is his eternal word, not coming forth from silence; who in all things pleased him that sent him.

3 Wherefore if they who were brought up in these ancient laws, came nevertheless to the newness of hope; no longer observing sabbaths, but keeping the Lord's day in which also our life is sprung up by him, and through his death, whom yet some deny:

4 (By which mystery we have been brought to believe and therefore wait that we maybe found the disciples of Jesus Christ, our only master:)

5 How shall we be able to live different from him; whose disciples the very prophets themselves being, did by the spirit expect him as their master;

6 And therefore he whom they justly waited for, being come, raised, them up from the dead.

7 Let us not then be insensible of his goodness; for should he have dealt with us according to our works, we had not now had a being.

8 Wherefore being become his disciples, let us learn to live according to the rules of Christianity; for whosoever is called by any other name besides this, he is not of God.

9 Lay aside therefore the old and sour, and evil leaven; and be ye changed into the new leaven, which is Jesus Christ.

10 Be ye salted in him, lest any