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one among you should be corrupted; for by your Savior ye shall be judged.

11 It is absurd to name Jesus Christ, and to Judaize. For the christian religion did not embrace the Jewish, but the Jewish the christian; that so every tongue that believed might be gathered together unto God.

12 These things, my beloved, I write unto you; not that I know of any among you that lie under this error: but as one of the least among you, I am desirous to forewarn you, that ye fall not into the snares of false doctrine.

13 But that ye be fully instructed in the birth, and suffering, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our hope; which was accomplished in the time of the government of Pontius Pilate, and that most truly and certainly: and from which God forbid that any among you should be turned aside.


1 Commends their faith and piety; exhorts them to persevere; 10 desires their prayers for himself and the church at Antioch.

MAY I therefore have joy of you in all things, if I shall be worthy of it. For though I am bound, yet am I not worthy to be compared to one of you that are at liberty.

2 I know that ye are not puffed up; for ye have Jesus Christ in your hearts.

3 And especially when I commend you, I know that ye are ashamed, as it is written, The just man condemneth himself.

4 Study therefore to be confirmed in the doctrine of our Lord, and of his Apostles; that so whatever ye do, ye may prosper both in body and spirit, in faith and charity, in the Son, and in the Father, and in the Holy Spirit; in the beginning, and in the end:

5 Together with your most worthy bishop, and the well-wrought spiritual crown of your presbytery, and your deacons, which are according to God.

6 Be subject to your bishop, and to one another, as Jesus Christ was to the Father, according to the flesh; and the Apostles, both to Christ, and to the Father; and to the Holy Ghost: that so ye may be united both in body and spirit.

7 Knowing you to be full of God, I have the more briefly exhorted you.

8 Be mindful of me in your prayers, that I may attain unto God, and of the church that is in Syria, from which I am not worthy to be called.

9 For I stand in need of your joint prayers in God, and of your charity, that the church which is in Syria may he thought worthy to be nourished by your church.

10 The Ephesians from Smyrna salute you, from which place I write unto you; (being present here to the glory of God, in like manner as you are,) who have in all things refreshed me, together with Polycarp, the bishop of the Smyrneans.

11 The rest of the churches in the honour of Jesus Christ salute you.

12 Farewell, and be ye strengthened in the concord of God; enjoying his inseparable spirit, which is Christ Jesus.

To the Magnesians.