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as the ghost had indicated. And wherever that objectionable person had left his footprints the ground was seen to be scorched!

Our hero now determined to continue his wanderings, and went to take leave of the good lady; but she entreated him not to depart until after the transfer of the farm, and thus help her to complete his good work towards her and family.

"What can I offer you," said she to the youth, on the completion of the whole affair, "for all your kindness to me and my family? I have nothing that I can give but my daughter in marriage, if you will have her."

"I thank you much for your offer, and for the honour you do me, but it is my destiny to wander through the wide world without aim or purpose; besides which I wish to return to my home and native place a bachelor."

The daughter then said: "Mother, since we have nothing else to offer the good gentleman, let us give him a pair of doves shut up in a basket."

The youth accepted the modest gift, and took his departure; and after he had pursued his journey some miles, his servant said to him: "Master, why do you not open the basket and see what there is in it? Whatever there is inside does nothing but flutter, as if trying to get out."

Our hero took the basket, and, untying the string