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The art of curling or forming the petals into a concave shape requires strict attention to the following rules:

Take the pin in the right hand holding it with the thumb and forefinger, place the petal in the palm of the left hand, then roll the pin with the right hand, letting the bead part press the petal, and pass sharply round its extreme edge, taking care not to rub the petal with the head of the pin, but let it revolve easily; the pressure ought to be moderate, so as to avoid tearing the wax.

Should the wax stick to the pin, press it on the damp sponge.

For making the ragged edge, so often seen in nature, take the point of the pin and press the edge of the petal, rubbing it till it becomes very thin. The best practice for attaining proficiency in curling the petals properly is, to take small pieces of wax, and round them with the bead or head of the pin, afterward thinning the edge with the point. When lines are required, the pin should be pressed on the petal; these are very distinct in the White Lily and Orange blossom.

The petal of the Rose is very round or bowl-shaped. After curling it with the head of the pin,