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centre, and a very pale color outside; the petals are placed on in branches of three and five, and are very numerous. Let the centre sink, place the larger petals round, in a very cup-like shape, then let the outside ones gradually fall back; let the petals be curled very thin, and turned over slightly at the edge.

The calyx and cup are made in the same way as for the other Roses. Take the mold of the leaf in the way as directed. The leaf is much lighter and not so pointed as for the Tea Rose-bud.


Form the foundation according to the size you require; cut about twenty petals of various sizes; color the inside ones deeper pink than the outside ones; curl them at the edge; place them round the foundation very tightly, making the outer petals extend a little, the general formation being like the other Rose-buds. Take very fine natural moss, place the small fibres on a calyx cut from light green wax, in the shape of the flower; add the moss to the seed-cup, tint it with a little brown color, to give it a more natural look. The moss must be dry, and it will readily adhere to the wax. Let the fine fibres extend out at the sides and top of the calyx. Should you desire to expend much