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time, you can imitate the moss by cutting it out of green wax. This is a very tedious process and requires much care, but it will be more satisfactory as a work of art to the pupil.

Leaves the same as for the Cabbage Rose.


Cut out about one hundred and twenty petals of various sizes; make up in the same way as for the Cabbage Rose, but making the centre more full by adding some very small petals; color them the same tint as the Cabbage Rose; add the moss to the calyx, and your Rose is complete.

Moss Roses are seldom made, as the buds show the calyx; and the labor is lost to view in the full-blown Rose, as the calyx is scarcely seen.


is made of thin white wax, very full, and the petals much curled; tint with pale yellow in the centre; make a few stamens of fine thread waxed with a small portion of yellow wax on the top; tint these with a little orange chrome; place them round a small foundation of pale green wax cut at the edge. Make up in the same manner as the Pink Moss Rose, but not quite so large. The calyx is made in the same way as for the Tea Rose-bud.