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Cut the petals out of thin white wax, curl them as you would the Tea Rose, then take a brush and color with carmine; place them on the foundation and then add the calyx.

Damask, purple, and bright lake-colored Roses are all made in the same way. A very beautiful color for a rich purple Rose is made by the violet carmine bloom prepared by me. This can be used dry and the petals curled after they are colored. Never rub pure carmine with the dry color, as it becomes dingy by friction. Carmine must be always used as a wet color.

This concludes the chapter on Roses. I would advise the student to pay particular attention to imitating these, the most beautiful of all flowers. Taste, fancy, and color can never be exhausted in their manipulation. A group of flowers without Rose-buds is as destitute of beauty as a landscape without water. Like the stars, they diversify and illuminate what else were monotonous and dark.


This is a difficult flower to imitate, and requires some patience, but will amply repay it, as it can be