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copied very perfectly, and is a most pleasing addition to a group of flowers.

Get very thin white wax, double it, cut the five petals in one, making a sort of star; curl these with a small pin; make a hole in the centre; take the finest wire, make a small green head, about the size of the head of a pin. After the wire is doubled over once at the top, for the purpose of securing the foundation to it, pass the wire part through the hole in the centre of the star-shaped petals till they touch the surface. Get a small band of light green wax; roll it round the back of the petals to form a cup; press the centre of each petal into this with a small curling-pin; then gradually draw the stem through into it, so as to give the hollow appearance seen in nature.

This requires great care, lest you draw the wire out of the foundation. The least motion must be used.

After the flower is formed, take the small bristle brush; use the mauve color and white, (which will make the most delicate lilac;) color the edge of the petals, leaving the centre white; take the smallest sable brush, and tip the centre with light green.

The back of the flower will be rather larger than in the natural flower; but, as the flowers are placed close together, it will not be observed. The reason