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of its being made larger is, that the petals could not be pressed on to a smaller foundation, so as to fix them securely.

About fifteen or twenty blossoms, with buds made of small pieces of solid white wax, colored purple, will make a very effective and pleasing group. The leaves are made of a dull shade of green wax pressed on the plaster mold.


This flower is made of white wax doubled, (for the larger blossoms trebled,) as the flower, though small, has a very thick appearance; it is cut altogether, and looks like the heliotrope, only larger. After cutting out, rub the petals with white powder and arrow-root, with the slightest shade of the palish yellow, barely enough to turn the color into a yellowish white; curl the petals with the head of the small-sized curling-pin, and make the centre of very fine white thread No. 100, waxed with white wax; add the little tops about the size of half a pin's head—these are made of yellow wax; join them to a piece of the finest wire with a small green thread for the centre. The stamens should be about the sixth of an inch in height; a hole is made in the middle of the star-shaped petals, and the wire passed through, leaving the stamens out and the petals round. A small cup for the back or