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calyx is then to be made, the petals to be pressed on to it. The stem is to be made a reddish brown, and the blossoms joined together to form a group. The buds are made of solid white, tinted with pink; the leaves are formed of dark green wax, tinted pink at the back, and veined with a darker tint of red.


This flower is made in the same way as the foregoing; the only difference being, that the centre is composed of minute pieces of yellow wax, and the petals tinted with light blue, made from cobalt, and a small portion of white.

The leaves are of a bright green color; five or six blossoms and two or three buds will make a pretty group.


As the formation of this flower is, perhaps, the most difficult to describe, I will endeavor to do so with accuracy. Take a piece of fine wire, about five inches in length; make a little top, with the palest yellow green, in the shape of a caraway seed; cut a small piece of wax about an inch in length and one fourth in depth; cut this so as to make a fringe; roll it round the top of the wire, lowering it as you roll it, so as to make the top in a