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from single wax. Color the former with carmine after they are curled at the edge, leaving the neck of the petal uncolored. Color the centre with purple made of mauve, then make the stamens of thick thread, No. 20, waxed with white wax; make a small top to each; color them with carmine, place them on a foundation made of the fine wire; fix the four purple petals round; roll a small portion of white wax to form the neck of the flower, and place the four crimson sepals round; make a small ball of green wax at the end of the neck to form the seed cup; cover the stem with a thin strip of wax, and then make the buds of solid wax, in the shape of the natural ones. Color them with carmine; press the leaves on the proper mold of plaster, and make the lines in the centre red with the sable brush. A few buds and blossoms arranged to droop down a vase or basket of flowers look very charming.


Cut out the petals, five in number, from white wax doubled; rub them over with white color and arrow-root; make a stem of fine wire with two fine points of light green wax. Curl the petals well at the edge, place them round the foundation of the flower evenly. Then add the calyx, consisting of five