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thin points of green wax. Cover the stem with dark green, roll the buds out of solid white wax into the proper shape, add a few leaves made of a dark shade of green, and join them together in an irregular manner.

This simple flower looks well at the top of a group or basket, and gives a lightness, adding to the general effect.


This flower is made in the same way as the White Jasmine, but is cut out of yellow wax, and is rather more round in the shape of the petal. The leaves are not so pointed, but are made of the same color as the White Jasmine.


The petals are cut from single thin wax, colored with purple made by my violet powder. They must then be curled variously, with the pin, placed round a foundation of yellow wax on fine wire; then turn over the stem, cover with pale green wax. Five points of the same color form the calyx.

Take care in coloring that you leave about half of the petal white at the base, or it will not look natural. This flower is easily imitated in wax.