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this. Those who understand coloring will find it comparatively easy; but I would not advise those totally unacquainted with color to try it.


This flower is made on the wooden mold for that purpose. Take white wax, press round the top of the mold, after it is wetted. This will form a bell. Slip off the mold and cut the six points; make a centre of fine points of yellow wax; roll these round fine wire, and pass this through the cup, roll light green round the wire for the stems; make the bud of solid wax, and place them on a thicker piece of wire in a drooping shape, then add the blossoms; make the leaf of darkish green on the surface, and light green at-the back. Be sure you do not polish the leaves, as this is not conformable with nature. Close the leaf round the base of the spray, and this will form a very graceful addition to a group of flowers.


Cut the petals out of trebled white wax; rub with dry color made of arrow-root, white, and the slightest tinge of yellow; curl them well at the edge, and place on the foundation made of yellow points on moderate thickness of wire; tint the outer