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petals with pink at the back, and sometimes with a dull yellow green color; make the stem of very yellow pale green and of a moderate thickness. This flower is very easily imitated in wax.


I have now given, to the best of my ability, the directions for the most popular flowers. Should the pupil find any difficulty, I shall be happy to give her any instruction, should she desire it. I would recommend those who wish to learn the art to apply to some respectable teacher, of name and standing in her profession, and to avoid those people who are not professional—a large class, I am sorry to say, who pretend to teach when they are the parties who require instruction. Quackery is not limited to medicine only; pretension, assuming "the borrowed robes" of art and science, is rife in every department, and, when we strip quackery of its theatrical assumptions, we but find the poor learner who aspired to the rank of teacher. Look well into their productions; see if they have imitated nature; do not bind yourself to take a certain number of lessons, but see if they can teach what they profess.

In concluding this little treatise, the author can not help thanking his pupils and the public for the great kindness and patronage extended to him during his stay in the United States. He trusts