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1. Now when James, the son of James, had returned to his people, he gathered together the captains, and the wise men, and the rulers of hundreds, and the rulers of tens, in all the land of Colleton, which is hard by Charleston.

2. And he cried aloud against John of Quincy, and against the statute, and against the tariff which he had ordained.

3. And he opened his mouth and said, "ye men of Colleton! lo, the people of the East, who are called Yankees, have smote your land with a scourge; they have despoiled you of your substance, and put chains upon your members; they have robbed your fields of their increase, and "the fox peeps forth from your ruined chateaus."

4. And the men of Colleton turned their eyes to the East, and to the West, for they knew not the thing which is called a "chateau;" they felt their arms for chains, but they were free.

5. And they looked forth on the fields, but they were fresh with verdure, and the land was without scourge; and they marvelled greatly at the words of James.

6. But James called aloud on the name of George the prophet.

7. And George answered in a voice like the rushing of many waters, and said unto the people, "awake, stand up, O men of Colleton, who have drunk at the hands of the Yankees, their cup of fury."

8. "Verily I say unto you, that although your fields are green, and your hands free, yet desolation, and destruction, and famine, shall surely come upon you, for by the spirit of John, the conjurer, I swear, that great and inconceivable are the evils which the tariff of John of Quincy, shall bring to pass.

9. "Wherefore, O men of Colleton, let not your hearts be faint, but hearken to the words of James, and wax stronger in the faith—for lo? I will show unto you a; hidden secret."

10. Then George waved his hand before the eyes of the men of Colleton, and they beheld in the air a host of Yankees, bearing from the fields of the South "forty of every hundred parts" of the increase thereof.

11. And he gave them to drink of certain liquor, which James and his companions had procured from the kingdom beyond the great waters, even from the land of Champaigne, and they waxed warm, and they felt the chains, and the shackles, whereof James had spoken.

12. And the men of Colleton were astonished at the power of George, and of James, the son of James, and they bowed down to them and worshipped them.

13. So the words of James, which he had spoken, were made manifest to them, and they gnashed their teeth and shouted aloud.

14. On that same day, James departed from among them, and went down by the sea to the city called Charleston.

15. Now it came to pass that John of Quincy was gathered to his fathers, and Andrew sat upon his throne.

16. And John the conjuror, and Robert the Nullifier, and George