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the prophet, and James, the son of James, feared in their hearts the power of Andrew, for he was a just man, and had the fear of the Lord before his eyes.

17. And they bowed before his throne, and spake in a loud voice to the people saying: "we, even we, are the faithful servants of Andrew, and will do honour to his name."

18. But the heart of John, the conjuror, was in secret turned against Andrew, and he was greatly wroth against him, and his countenance fell—for his soul coveted, strongly, the throne whereon Andrew sat.

19. Now when John the conjuror, had seen the power of George the prophet, and of James, the son of James, made manifest upon the men of Colleton, he gathered unto him all the wise men, and the rulers, and the captains, of his faction, to take secret counsel together

20. And George the prophet was in the midst of them; and Robert, and James, the son of James were not afar off.

21. Then John opened his mouth and said, "men and brethren, verily we have cried aloud against the Tariff ordained by John of Quincy, and my servants George and James have made ready the men of Colleton and of Edgefield, and we have sought to prepare all the provinces of the South.

22. "So that if it should come to pass that John of Quincy should continue to sit upon the throne, we could rend from him the provinces of the South, and place a King to reign over them.

23. "Then should we all have honour, and power, and distinction, and glory; and my servants George, and James, and Robert, would be set in high places.

24. "But now men and brethren behold, the people give more honour and love to Andrew than to me, and they bow down with veneration before him, and if we cry aloud against Andrew, as we did against John of Quincy, they will cast stones at us.

25. "Wherefore let us go forth to all the provinces of the South, and let us confound the understanding of the people, and let us, with one accord, declare to them that the King's counsellors at the great City are seeking to despoil them.

26. "And we will arouse them to vengeance, and we will send forth George the prophet, and Robert, and James, and there will be a mighty commotion.

27. "And we shall have meetings and feasts, and meat offerings, and drink offerings, over all the land of the South; and when the hour shall come, then shall we cause the people to nullify the Statute which was ordained in the reign of John of Quincy."

28. "And peradventure Andrew the King will wax wroth thereat, and will send forth a power to enforce the Statutes and Ordinances of the Realm; but we shall rejoice the more, for the South will become as a fiery furnace for Andrew, and the people will be as tigers when their garments are stained with blood.

29. "Then shall we be able to send forth a multitude against Andrew the King, and we will do battle with him, and we will rend asunder his dominions, and we will take to ourselves the rich provin-