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ces of the South, and set over them another King, and other Princes and Governors.

30. "And I John, will cast for ye all a Graven Image, which shall be endued with great power to blind the eyes of the people, and to shut their ears, and ye shall set it up in a high place, and ye shall bow down before it, and worship it.

31. "And the name of the Graven Image shall be called 'Nullification,' which being interpreted is Disunion,' and the place wherein ye shall set it up, shall be called 'Convention.'

32. And the counsel of John, the conjurer seemed good to all the chief men, and the rulers, and the captains, who were gathered before him, and they departed straightway every man to do his allotted part.


1. Now in the second year of the reign of Andrew, he commanded the governors, and the rulers, and the captains, and the wise men of all the land of America, to gather together at the city called Washington.

2. And the commandment of Andrew was hearkened to, throughout the land, and the governors, and the rulers, and the wise men, stood before him; and Robert the Nullifier was among them.

3. Now Robert, in the beginning, was upright, and feared the Lord, and eschewed evil; and he increased in substance and in honour before his people.

4. But he hearkened to the voice of John the conjuror, and his heart became changed in the sight of Heaven, and prudence departed from him.

5. And he arose before all the rulers, and the captains, and the wise men, who were gathered together in the city called Washington, and he set up before them the graven image which John had made, even the image Nullification, and he commanded them to bow down before it, and worship it.

6. Then John the conjuror became sorely troubled, and his spirit was disquieted within him, and he rent his garments in vexation, because Robert had neglected to hide the graven image in the place called Convention, and had openly brought it forth before all the people.

7. And he feared greatly lest the graven image should be cleft asunder, and lest the enchantments and sorceries which he had placed therein, should be destroyed by the wise men who stood before him; and his fears were not vain.

8. For a certain Daniel arose and smote the graven image, and threw it upon the earth, in the sight of all the rulers, and captains, and wise men of the realm.

9. But Robert straightway arose and set it up again, and he placed around it a palisade of osiers, and beyond the same he erected a patchwork, gathered together from the East, and from the West and from the North, and from the South.