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1. Now when the Feast of Nullification was ended, it came to pass that the fragments of the graven image, called Nullification, which James "the Deluded," had sent away, were safely delivered into the hands of John, the conjuror.

2. And John, by his sorceries and enchantments, put them together again, and he caused the graven image to be put into a mould of clay, and he cast from the mould many likenesses thereof, and sent the likenesses over all the land, but the graven image itself, he reserved to be set up in a place called Convention.

3. And one of the likenesses of the graven image was set up before the men of Coosawhatchie, and another was seen upon a certain island, called Edisto, and yet another was placed on high, in a certain village called Stateburg.

4. And much people of the land of Coosawhatchie, and of the island, called Edisto, and from the village, that is on the high hills, came up to see the likenesses; and they heard tidings of their great power, and they bowed down to them, and worshipped them.

5 Then John, the conjuror, gave the graven image, which is called Nullification, into the hands of George, the prophet, and commanded George to set it up for a time in the land of Edgefield, and of Abbeville; and George, the prophet, did even as he had commanded, and he uttered loud praises to its name.

6. Now, when William, the just, and certain others of the righteous, heard all these things, they sent messengers, with letters, to all their followers, and they called upon the people to forsake the strange gods, and they told them all the evil fruits which Nullification would bring forth.

7. And throughout all the land the people began to commune, one with another, and they saw, made manifest, the error of their ways, and they resolved, with one accord, to forsake the worship of Nullification.

8 Then John the conjuror became sorely troubled, for he saw that the hearts of the people were turned against him, and he was grievously afraid lest his sorceries and enchantments should all be made manifest.

9. So he called together unto him the powers of darkness, over whom he had dominion, and he commanded them to move over the whole face of the South, and to seek out the graven image Nullification, and all the likenesses thereof.

10. And he commanded them to gather them all together, and to chain them, with a great chain, around their necks, and to hide them from the sight of the people, until the hour wherein they should assemble in Convention.

11. So the evil spirits did even as John had commanded, and Nullification was no more seen upon the earth.

12. Then John the conjurer sent messengers to James the deluded, and to his other followers, giving tidings of what he had done, and beseeching them no longer to give praises to the name of Nullification, but instead thereof to fill their ears with the sound of Convention.

13. And he assured them that Convention would seem beauteous to the sight of the people, and that they would gladly hear tidings of the good things which could be wrought at its hands.