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14. Then James the deluded, and Robert the Nullifier, and Henry the high priest, and Robert, who is also called the Disunionist, did even as John had entreated; and they sought to beguile the people with the praises of Convention.

15. But when the men of Charleston had shut themselves in their closets, and had meditated upon all which had come to pass at the Feast of Nullifcation, and when they had seen the other signs of the times, their souls were disquieted.

16. And many of them began to be sorely troubled, and they rent their garments, and they mourned in sackcloth and ashes the evil days which were come upon them.

17. And thay feared lest the rulers and the chief men of the city, had conspired together with James, who is called the deluded, and with John the conjurer, and with Robert the Nullifier, agaist William the just, and all his people, to deliver them into the hands of Nullification.

18 And they said one to another, "Verily the shepherds have taken counsel together, to lead the sheep to the slaughter; but our trust is in the Lord, and we will seek other shepherds who will turn away the wolves, and, peradventure, we shall find them."

19. So they hearkened not unto the words of Robert, and of James, and of Henry, for they knew that these men purposed evil in their hearts; and it was made manifest that Convention was the tabernacle and the abiding place of Nullification.

20. Now, when James the deluded saw that many of the men of Charleston would not hearken unto him, he began to wax wroth, and he called together his followers; and when he saw that these were many, he hardened his heart and became puffed up.

21. And he commanded the people who had murmurred against him, straightway to yield obedience, and to go up before Henry the high priest, and to accept his sacrifice, and to bow before him, as a ruler over the city.

22. Then the hearts of the people became kindled, and they resolved to do battle with James, who is called the deluded, and with all his followers, and to drive from before them Henry the high priest and his evil counsellors.

22. And they took counsel together to set up a captain who should lead their array into battle, and they pitched upon James, whom men call the courteous.

24. Now James was a man who feared the Lord and walked in the path of righteousness, and he found favour in the sight of Andrew the King over the realm.

25. And Andrew the King appointed him to gather the revenues of the kingdom, and he dealt justly by Andrew and the people.

26. And the people also loved James the courteous, for he was fearless in well doing; and when they entreated him to be captain of their host, he meekly besought them to choose another captain more skilful to guide their counsels.

27. But they entreated him yet the more earnestly, and they showed unto him the snares with which they were encompassed round about; and they called aloud upon James to stand forth as the shield and buckler of the good cause.

28. And they made manifest unto him the perils which overshadowed