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revilings and backbiting were his meditation by night; and he smiled at the ruin which evil passions brought down.

48. And he openly set at nought the statutes of the realm, and he taught that what men call "The Union," was but an "unequal bargain," to the people of the South, and that the hour was come "to calculate its value."

49. And he poisoned the minds of the youth throughout all the realm, and he insinuated doubts even as to the commandments of the Most High, and he instilled into their hearts, hatred and rancour towards "the Union of the States."

50. Now the same Thomas sounded praises to Convention, and he counselled the people to rejoice in it; for that it was powerful to save them from the evils whereof James, the deluded, and Robert, the Nullifier, and Langdon, and all their followers, had complained.

51. And he said, by the might of a Convention, they could suspend the ordinance which is called Habeas Corpus, and then they should have power over all the men of the Union, to cast them in prison and to slay them utterly.

52. And Thomas said many other things to beguile the people to their own destruction, and many good men believed that he proved himself a viper to the land which warmed him.

53. But the multitude hearkened to his voice, for he was held up as an 'an Apostle' by James, the deluded, and by John, the conjuror, and by all their counsellors and friends.

54. Then a certain ruler called James, who was a Chancellor of the realm, and a leader in the Host of James, the deluded, arose, and being a careless man, he forgot the counsel of John the conjuror, wherein he entreated that none of his followers should yet say ought of Nullification.

55. And he opened his mouth, and gave honour to the name of Convention, and he spake these words and said "Convention for any purpose but Nullification, is unmeaning fallacy"

56. So it was made manifest to all the people that James, the deluded, and Henry, the High priest, and Robert, the Nullifier, and all their followers, still worshipped in secret the graven image Nullification, and that for its sake they set their hearts on Convention.

57. Then a certain elder and Judge of the Province, whose name was called John, and who was a follower of the truth, arose before all the multitude and said:

58. "Men and Brethren! verily ye have this day heard praises to the name of Convention, but since James, the Chancellor, hath set forth its object, ye cannot remain in doubt what ye shall do.

59. "Behold! if ye be persuaded to Convention, now, ye will bring down civil Strife and Disunion, for how can ye set at naught the statutes which Andrew, the King, hath sworn to maintain, and yet expect to escape his vengeance?

60. "Is Andrew the King, one who quails at danger, or think ye that he will shrink from that which he hath sworn to execute? Verily no.

61. "Wherefore, Men and Brethren! be not deceived; ye are on the verge of a precipice—your ark of safety is in peril, ye are rushing on to civil strife with brethren, and if ye turn out, ye will quench the flame of freedom in the blood of your countrymen.