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62. "Awake then, and open your eyes to the light; behold you may see before you the dark valley of 'Disunion and Anarchy'—on this side you have 'time for argument;' beyond all must be action or dishonourable submission.

63. "Now, therefore, I say unto you, depart hence and give no countenance to the evil doers, and strive not by your numbers to intimidate the men of Charleston; for they are strong in the faith, and will eschew Convention, for they have seen it leadeth to Nullification and Disunion."

64. And while John was yet speaking, the multitude departed as he had counselled; but the devoted followers of James, remained in waiting to give encouragemet to their leaders.

65. And in that same day Convention became Nullified, and all the worshippers of Nullification mourned in sackcloth and ashes.

66. Now these are the chapters of the Book of Nullification; and the scribe who hath written them, is an humble follower of the Truth, and his name is not great, for it is not found in the Book, and he shall be translated hence to a far country, and no man, who loveth the truth, shall seek to find him out.