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1. Now it came to pass that in those days John of Quincy reigned over all the land of America.

2. And in the third year of his reign, John commanded to gather together the governors, and the captains, and the rulers and all the counsellors of the realm.

3. And the governors, and the captains, and the rulers, and the counsellors of all the land, were gathered together, and they stood before John, in the city called Washington.

4. Then stood forth a counsellor from the provinces of the East, and he spoke aloud and said:

5. "O, men of the East, and of the West, and ye from the provinces towards the middle; verily the land wherein ye dwell produceth abundantly the fruits of the earth, and your flocks yield increase, and your labourers are weary with toil.

6. "Yet ye prosper not, neither do ye partake of the abundance of the earth; that which ye have, your neighbour also hath, and that which ye want, ye must send for afar off; and ye exchange not with your neighbour, but with the stranger that is without your gates.

7. "Wherefore let us take counsel together, and make to ourselves a statute, to be ordained by John the King, even an ordinance to shut out the stranger and his merchandize, and let us make to ourselves all that is needful to the body."

8. And the name of this counsellor was Mallary; which being interpreted is, "that which causeth Pestilence."

9. And his voice was sweet to the ears of the rulers, and the captains, and the counsellors, from the East, and from the West, and from the provinces down about the great city, and they hearkened unto his counsel.

10. But the rulers and the counsellors from the provinces of the South, would not hearken thereto, but they rent their raiment in vexation, and were made sorely wroth.

11. And the rulers, and the captains, and the counsellors from the East, and from the West, and from the central provinces, bowed before John the King, and besought him to ordain the statute which Mallary had devised; and John commanded that it should be so.

12. Now, it came to pass, that before those days, a certain great prophet had arisen in the South, and his name was called George.

13. And in the reign of James, of Virginia, the word was proclaimed by George, that lo! a time should come, when the Kingdom, of America would be unable to give sufficient honor, and distinction;