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and power, to all the rulers, and the captains, and the counsellors of the land.

14. And that certain men should strive to rend in twain the realm, and to set over each portion thereof another Chief Governor, and other rulers and captains.

15. Now, when John had commanded the statute to be ordained, the men of the South remembered the words which George had prophecied, and they had faith, and believed that the fulfilment thereof was at hand.

16. And the rulers, and the captains, and the counsellors of the South, gathered together even in the city called Washington, and George, the prophet, was in the midst of them.

17. Then George stood forth and said: "Ye men of the South, if ye be minded to fulfil all that is written in the book of my prophecies, even the book called "One of the People," this day shall ye see made manifest the truth thereof.

18. "Arise, now, and go straightways to your people, and cry aloud against the statute which John hath ordained, and say that ye have been betrayed, and oppressed, and ruined, and undone. Declare that ye must break the yoke of the King, and lo! I will give you a King to reign over yourselves, even John my kinsman, the magician from the South."

19. Now the words of George seemed good unto many of the wise men, and the rulers, and the captains of the South; and they took counsel together to rebel against the power of John of Quincy, and to rend asunder the provinces of the South from the provinces of the East and West.

20. But a certain wise man, a ruler of the people, called William, purposed in his heart to do that which was just in the sight of Heaven, and he gave no faith to the words of George, and he refused his counsel.

21. And Thomas, of Winyaw, would not bow down before John the magician; but he turned aside, and he opened his mouth, and spake to the people of the South the whole counsel of George, and all the words which the evil counsellors from the South had uttered.

22. Then the wise men, and the rulers, and the captains, who had hearkened to the words of George, took counsel together to slay Thomas before the people, and they sent up to destroy him one of their captains, even Robert, who was afterwards surnamed "The Nullifier."

23. Now Robert stood up before the people, and with many words declared the saying of Thomas to be false, and he besought the people to cast stones at Thomas, so that his voice might no more be heard.

24. But Thomas had the fear of the Lord before his eyes, and his heart was strengthened.

25. Then called he aloud on William the just, to verify the words which he had spoken of Robert, and of George, and of John, the sorcerer, and of the other evil rulers and counsellors from the South.

26. And William being a just man had respect unto the truth, and verified the words of Thomas which he had spoken, and set before