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222 HERSCHELL — HERTFORD. da. of William Mowbrav, 0 f Edinburgh ; ed. at the OiriV, of Bonn and at the Univ. of London ; B.A. (classical honours) 1S57 : Barrister (Line. Inn) 1S58; Queen's Counsel, 1S72 ; Recorder of Carlisle, 1S73-SO; M.P. for the city of Durham, 1874-86; Eon. D.C.L. of Durham Univ., 1882; Solicitor General, 1 SSO-85, being knighted 13 May 1880 ; Lokd Chancellor, Feb. to Aug. 1886, when he was raised to the recranc as abovestatcd. D.C.L., Oxford, 30 Juie 1886. He m. 20 Dec. 1S76, Agnes Adela, 3d da. of Edward Leigh KlNDBBSLRY, of Clyde House, Dorset, by Fannv Maitlaiid, 1th da. of Henry Wilson, of Stowlangtoft Hall, Suffolk. HERTFORD [county(») of] Earldom. j. Gilbert di; Clare,' v ! ') who, as possessor of the I. 1138 i Honour of Clare, co. Suffolk is generally spoken of as Lord of Clare. &c, and sometimes as Karl of Clare, s. and h. of Richard Fitz Gilbert, styled also de Clahe, Lord of Clare, &c, sometimes (tho' erroneously) called Eaui. of Herti'Ord( c ) or Karl of Clare, by Adeliza.f 11 ) sister of Randolph " des Gernons," Earl of Chester, was 4. before 1115 ; sue. his father, in his vast estates (which included the Castle &c. of Tollbridge, co. Kent) 15 April 1136, and was, earlv in the reign of King Stephen, not improbably in 113S,(°; cr. EARL OF HERTFORD. He appears, however, to have been an opponent of that King, and was for a long time imprisoned. He d. unm. in 1 152. II. 1152? 2. Roger Ids Clare), Earl of Hertford, scmotimes called Earl of Clare, br. andh.,6. before 1137, who appears to have been, on his brother's death, but in any case at some date before 1156, i . cognised aa Earl, by King Henry II. He m. firstly (-)da. of (— ) Payne, sometime Sheriff of co. Salop. He m. secondly, Maud, da. and h. of James St. Hilary. Had. (1173), 19 Hen. II. His widow m. William (de Albini) Earl of Arundel, who d. 21 Dec. 1193. III. 1173. 8. Richard (de Clare], Earl of Hertford, sometimes called Earl of Clare, s. and h., by second wife, b. before 1102 ; P.C., 1215; was (with his son below mentioned) one of the 25 Barons, Guardians of the " Mayna Vhmta," June 1215, in which year, 9 Nov., he was Envoy from the Barons to the King. He m. Amicia, 2d da. and coheir( r ; of William (Fitz- Robert), Earl of Gloucester, by Ha wise, da. of Robert (Beaumont), Earl of Leicester. He (/. Nov. 1217. His widow is said to have d. 1 Jan. 1225.(8; ( a ) Hertford is, apparently, the only county of which but two families (those of Clare and Seymour) have possessed ilie Earldom. (>') See vol. ii, p. 266, for some account of the holders of the honour of Clare, co. Suffolk, and of the well known family of Clare to which it gave the name. There is also an able tunimary of that "powerful and illustrious family" (by J. Horace Round) in the Nat. Jli^r/r. (°) See vol. ii, p. 267, note e," tub " Clare " as to the erroneous theory of this Richard, having been Earl of Hertford. ( d ) See Planchd's article in the " Journal of the Brit. Arch. Assoc." (Vol. xxvi. p. 150) as to this lady and as to the conjecture made in " Volt. Top. et (Jen." (vol. i, p. 388) about her. (°) His uncle, Gilbert de Clare, was cr. probably in this same yiar (1138). Earl of Pembroke, being father of Richard, Earl of Pembroke, the celebrated " StrOngbow." See vol. ii, p. 268, note " e," sub " Clare " as to the numerous Earls, cr. by King Stephen. ( f ) To Isabel, the 3d da. and coheir of this Earl William, the Earldom of Gloucester was allowed, and her husband, John, afterwards King John, assumed it accordingly. She d. s.p. between Sen. and Nov. 1217. (8) See p. 40, note " c," sub " Gloucester," as to the possibility of her being auo jure Countess of Gloucester.