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Santa Anna.

I long to hear thee prove thy argument.


What caused this insurrection? what has filled
The heart of every honest Mexican
With sorrow and disgust? The overthrow
Of what he deemed his costliest possession,
His constitution, through your agency.
Would you behold this land restored to peace,
To rise, to flourish, render up your power
And leave your fellow-citizens to mould,
Perfect, enjoy their rights of Liberty.

Santa Anna.

Yes, Liberty! that is the hue and cry,
That is the cloak of rogues and demagogues.
Who 'neath the word's great meaning wish to hide
The littleness of their corrupt desires.
A nation must be ripe for Liberty.
Inevitably as children come to grief
When left without a guide, so will a people.
What was the former state of Mexico?
Ere I reluctantly agreed to take
Into mine hand the reins of government?
'Twas anarchy, disorder, lawlessness.
What is it now? The roads, alive before
With robber-bands, are safe for travel now,