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Trade, nigh extinct, again bestirs its craft;
Our Catholic faith, almost ignored, despised,
Anew has triumphed over heresy.
So tutored, disciplined and educated,
Our people will be free—not otherwise.


And yet your school's first principle is this:
That one may do what others are forbidden.

Santa Anna.

That one can do what others can not do.
This is no law of mine—throughout the realm
Of nature, on the sky, upon the earth,
Uncommon strength and talent vault the bounds
By which the mean, the weak are hedged around.
As goes the radiant comet's flaming path
Athwart the planets' even orbits,—so
A great mind will not brook the narrow lists
Of every day's constraint and common usage.


This is quite true, but tell: what mind is great?
Is he, who mocking and despising all
That is esteemed as venerable and holy,
Lays his bold hand on mankind's choicest treasures
And desecrates its feelings' sanctuary?
Can he be great, who, like a tempest-blast,
Draws his ambition's chariot o'er the nations.