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[With dignity.]

You saw, because you so designed to see! Still you saw wrong! Although my inmost feelings Long since rebelled against your tyranny, My wicked Will enforced my hand and reason Into your service with imperious lash. For thirteen years they served you faithfully; For thirteen years until this very day They have unwaveringly sustained your cause; For thirteen years they fought your outward battles, Yet none of you beheld my inward feuds,— How every day anew my Heart arose Against my Will's tyrannical oppression, How every day it bleedingly succumbed, And groaned and ached with sorrow and despair.


To-day!—and not until to-day,—my Heart Has conquered, and from its joyful shrine, Comes up the shout of Victory and Triumph. Roused by the sight of genuine glorious manhood, Inspired by the thrill of heroism. Enchanted by the words of truth that came From the defenders of the Alamo, My heart arose, threw off its chains and fetters, And made me what I am—

[Striking his breast with noble pride.]